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gone! May 21, 2009

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i have moved!


Awwww November 21, 2008

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After what my cousin said, I decided to ask SL for his blog address. All I can say about the proposal as AWWWWWWW. Even with regards to the precise specs of the ring, just amazes me eg, the Extras: Two 0.15 carat diamonds on each side so it represents “SGS” and total carat is 1 symbolising unity.

I need a guy like that eh? I pray that God will provide, if ever I do get married, for a man who loves Him and puts everything else second for God 🙂


work k.i.l.l.s…………..and a gullable adult doesn’t October 9, 2008

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Yeap…i said it – work kills. Work kills your time, drains your energy, saps every ounce of brain juice from you. Previously when I was soooo tired, I even managed to coin and tell my colleague a phrase that i was “drain bead” : go figure.

Anyway work’s a little…erm… how should I put it, sucky. But that’s life sometimes right? For many nights since I got back from my 2 weeks of leave (heaven~~~) I’ve been working pretty late. I hope I can get off work by 7.30 tomorrow cos I’ve a date……with my cousins 🙂 I can’t wait! TGIF indeed!

Hmmm one more thing…my brother said that he needed a “gullible adult” so that he could bet with him/her that if he could poke a hole through a potato with a straw, he would get $5.
I thought about it – how do you actually do it???
Man…this is not a matter of whether I’m naive, but whether I’m dumb?? 😛 Oh dear… is it some sciency fact? argh this is kill my sleep tonight.



crazy young boy? October 5, 2008

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whaooooo…. one of my cell mates sent me this link and it’s amazing how the kid could have killed almost AUD5,000 worth of animals in Australia to feed a crocodile physically, and feed his probable inquisitive self. I do agree that someone had to take responsibility and if anything at all, the parents should take responsibility. In most cases, if a kid gets into trouble, the parents should take (at least) major responsiblity. There’s no way they should even blame any other party. If the kid does something wrong, you can’t possibly blame the school, society or whatever because everything, I believe, begins at home.

Think in Singapore especially, parents always think that kids should be taught certain values in school but certain things like courtesy, manners should start from home. Oh well…just something i thought. Oh well…


I’ll see u when I get there :) September 26, 2008

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I woke up to an SMS from one of my cousins telling me that my grand-aunt just passed away. His message was calm and peaceful. Guess we all know where she’s going and I’m glad she didn’t really have to suffer that much.

One time when I visited her in the hospital, she told me serenely that she wouldn’t blame God in whatever circumstances she is in because she knows He’ll carry her through. She even shared her testimony with me about God healing her: she was in church and she told God that if God could heal her, she would believe in Him. True enough, to cut the story short, she was healed. She had no pains in her leg and she was amazed.

She then continued going to church and well, grew in faith. Honestly, I wouldn’t imagine that she would turn to Christ but she did. She used to tell my cousin off when he asked her whether she wanted to visit his church. And I guess God really works in the most mysterious ways sometimes. And while having breakfast with Mr Ex, he also told me that sometimes cannot fanthom what God does.

But nonetheless, I’ll see u in heaven KP3 🙂


2 weeks off! Whoo! September 24, 2008

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On monday, I went to Alexandra Hospital for my wisdom teeth extraction. The dentist arranged to have 2 removed. She actually asked whether I wanted to go under GA and take all four out, i wasn’t that adventurous after hearing SOOOO many horror stories and having gone under the knife myself before (to remove 4 teeth).

Sooooooo… i plucked up enough courage, and with the help of Ms Swimmer and her boy, and went ahead with it. At first I was so scared…I requested to play my mp3s and the dentist/surgeon obliged. I started playing worship songs and praising God. I heard the drilling intensify and so I increased my volume, continued praising Him. In less than 20 min, they asked me to sit up as it was done. Amazing. God was with me through this. Never could do this kinda things, without him 🙂

Praise him!

Anyway I’ll prob put up a few photos on my teeth. Hur hur. I told Ms Swimmer that I kept ALL my teeth that I extracted. She said I was gross. hur hur. Well, I took some photos already. Am ready to gross her out, then throw away my 6 teeth. 🙂

All the best to her later hur hur (when I show it to her )

Time to get out of here…looking for liquids to fill me up. I’m super super hungry from not eating decent food. Sob…


Weddings! September 15, 2008

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Actually there were not that much. This year, from what I can remember, I attended 3. Hafiz’s wedding, which was the first one. The second one was Vane’s wedding held in April and the third was a recent one – K2’s wedding.

Guess I’ll be attending more when I hit the *gulP* late twenties age bracket. *chants to self – I’m still young, I’m still young*

Anyway once again..congrats to all who have gotten married! Blissful and blessed years ahead!

Nittan Gang A couple of us at Vane’s wedding – twas a good catchup esp with the babes. For more photos, click here

Sentosa minus one KK’s wedding. KK is one of my Sentosa buddies, too bad min couldn’t be there. Oh well….Congrats once again dude! For more photos, click here