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Do first impressions count? December 12, 2006

Filed under: Introductions — renzi @ 3:44 pm

Wow…I’m overwhelmed. There are so many features in wordpress. I’m impressed. Even though I’m extremely dependant, or well, used to, I wanna try out this blog space.

Okok…before I start rambling and rattling off, as usual, this is my virgin entry. Guess I’ve nothing much to say, except for the fact that I’m quite excited to start a whole new journey with wordpress. Too much has happened and it’s all written in my other blogs. I want a new start, new beginning.

Okkk…after the end of the year, I shall start writing in this blog proper. Hell, I’ll even throw in a celebration (drinks too, all of you are invited) for the blog. Whatever blogs I have, I will direct it to this blog. New year, new beginning – I really deserve it.

So, here we go. A new chapter in my life. Welcome to…the chronicles of Renzi’s life.


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