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Happy 21st Birthday Ms Law! December 19, 2006

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Last Saturday, before meeting up with the boy, I met up with a couple of them Monash Peeps. We were gathered to celebrate a very very blessed day – Wendy’s 21st! It held at the V-Tea room.

V-Tea Room
8 Raffles Avenue,
Esplanade Mall,

There was alooooot of food, not to mention great company. I was, above other things, amused and entertained by our dear Rongyao, MY one and only shy boy.

This felt alot like a wedding dinner because there were menus, it was a pretty formal setting but we broke away from it because we kept helping ourselves to the free-flow of tea and durian cakes.

A couple of us, before more of her friends streamed in. I kinda felt slightly under-dressed because all the gals were all so prissy, so pretty. BUTTTTT I dressed according to the theme, i wore violet. Heh

The first on the dish was some quiche-like dish. It wasn’t too bad but it was pretty cold by the time it came to us. I didn’t think it was meant to be cold, right?

A ceremonial picture taken with the birthday girl.

YUMMMMMYYYY Birthday cake. V-Tea room cakes NEVER fail to disappoint. Couldn’t really taste their other dessert because I was sick.

*GASP* What is MY shy boy doing??? What happened to the adventures of Shy Boy and Introverted Girl??? *wail*

Heh, overall it was a good Saturday. Good food (slightly tasteless on my part because of the damn flu), great company, what more can you ask for? For more photos, click here.


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