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My First Trip to Bangkok, land of frowns December 19, 2006

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Unlike my separate holiday blogs like my NZ and Malaysia trips, I have decided to compile everything into this blog. It was indeed an extremely eventful weekend for us.

8 Dec 2006

All hard at work before the 6 o’clock “bell”

The guys finally calling it a day. They look so cute with the bags behind them hahaha…

Before leaving for the Airport, I took a photo with Aunty, the nice lady who always willingly stays so late at night.

The gals had the luxury of PC (thanks!) who drove us all the way to the Airport. OF COURSE, he had to tease me about being a SIngaporean. When I told him it was my first time in Bangkok, he asked me in a mocking tone “WAH! First time in Bangkok? Are you SIngaporen?” (#$*@$@ hehe

Had our last supper in the Changi Airport before we checked in. Popeye never fails to satisfy I tell you.

While checking in, I realised among other things, there was this particular item that was deemed as a risk item……

…like wtf? What can a cripple do with a walking stick? Shove the stick up the stewardess’ ass? Commme on!

The porter of the year award goes to…ML!!! Hehe..thanks for transporting our bags from points A to B, B to C… =)

The lot of us settled at Harry’s to wait for the delayed Air Asia plane.

Waaaaaiting (slowly) in anticipation.

Doing it the Asian way – What I have learnt is that…especially in free-seating budget airlines, when you see people queueing, queue as well…

Big Bags’R’Us… Hahaha….ML was amused that JS and I were carrying HUGE bags.

ML looking stoned, at the checkpoint in Bangkok.

9 Dec 2006

Breakfast in bed? Nahhh….We were at the 4th level of Indra Region Hotel. Yesh…GO looked stoned. Trust me, all 3 of us were stoned. We were happily chatting till the wee hours of the morning.

Having a quick drink before we headed for separate ways – we went shopping!!!

On our way to Mah Boon Krong (MBK) Center, I chanced upon a couple of pink taxis. Since I love pink, I would like to share it with u =)

I tell you, for a person who had not been to Bangkok, I was almost hyperventilating because of the AMOUNT of shops!!! My friends were surprised that I spent like my whole day there. Anyway it’s quite a good mix of shops selling EVERYTHING!!!! Go check it out, if you haven’t been there.

Mah Boon Krong (MBK) Center
Phayathai Road
Bangkok 10330 Thailand

We went Japanese for Lunch before heading off separately again.

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of an espirit imitated bag hur hur…

Towards the end of the day, JS, GO and I were soooooo damn dead that we dragged ourselves to a massage parlour. It was dirt cheap, like only 300 batt!!! This parlour’s located on the 6th level of MBK, if any of you get so tired circling MBK… =) Ahem..check out what JS is doing w her hand eh? tsk tsk…

Met up with the guys, walked around the Indra Region Hotel before settling to go for dinner. I realised the whole of Bangkok is filled with…local markets!!! Pasar Malam galore!

Dinner…..sucked. I mean we all didn’t have much appetite to start off because we had 2 buffets in one day. BUT the food didn’t taste that good as well.

I mean, just look at the food. The prawns for example. Almost HALF of the prawns were uncooked. How absurd!

Not to mention the service! It was horrible. Our complaint was met with such rude defiance. Utterfly disappointing. We asked for a discount of some sort and we were greeted with a mere condescending mock-like retort “HAH! Discount!” Impossible service!!! Stupid manager! Look at him, remember his face.

Yes, according to us, it really sucks. I even wanted to ask for the manager’s namecard but I think he knew I wanted to defame him. Oh well, just as long as anyone who knows me isn’t going there, I’m fine. Remember this name – Somboondee!!!

A drink before we sleep. We slept like pigs that night.

10 Dec 2006

Chatuchak Weekend Market anyone??? I went crazy there!!! In two hours, I bought, 5 dresses, a few shirts and other knick-nacks… They have EVERYTHING THERE!!!!

This is SOOOOO primary school – coke in a plastic bag. Whee…it was so damn hot that we HAD to quench our thirsts.

HAhahahha…..on our way back, we bought bubble tea and it was DAMN CHEAP LAH!!!! 20 baht!!! For TWO!!!!! Hahahaha….GO wanted to buy ALL the flavours just for the kick. And yes, we all looked really tired.

After putting down the stuff from Chatuchak, we went crazy at Indra Region. Hahahaha….Once again, it was like another pasar malam.

We settled for a pasar-malam styled snack whilst waiting for a cab, to send us to the Airport.

On our way to the Airport, the driver turned on his dvd player and we were treated to a path down memory lane – ahhh oldies…

Sharing a moment there…

Hahaha…you HAVE to watch this. JS is so damn funny, especially when she highlights the baby being thrown up in the air.

Looking pissed, tryin to at least, because this bitch of a lady actually asked us to tompang her weightage. To cut the story short, we agreed and it ended up causing so much disruption to our lives. Too lazy to really elaborate but NEVER say yes to people, no matter how pathetic they look, when they ask to share weight during flights.

So that’s it for my short journey to Bangkok. I wanna give it another chance. My first experience wasn’t that good. So much for land of smiles eh?

For another look at the photos, and more…click here.


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