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5 Days – Only friends are up for keeps, the rest can go to hell December 27, 2006

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On the 17th Dec 2006, I was out with my buddies from Secondary School. I really really really appreciate this bunch because they were there for me every step of the way this year. This year really indeed has been a bad year and I’m really looking forward to the new year (remind me to do a countdown starting from now). *grin*

Anyway I went to Suntec City for lunch with the boys. We ended up at The Chinese Feasts – Chong Qing Hot Pot where we had Mala Huo Guo (Chinese-style Steamboat). Due to the fact that I had a flu then, I couldn’t really taste anything. The guys did, however, praise the restaurant.

We all did eat so much. Kudos to Mr Lim who ate his best, when the rest of the two of us gave up.

The waiter helping us. Yay! Food being served, as Mr Lim looked on fervantly.

Ba-bao Cha (8-spices tea) And did I mention that the Ba-Bao Cha (8-spices tea) is FANTASTIC!!!

A photo with my ah-kor! An ugly shot of me with Mr Tan, one of my long surviving kors. Thanks for being such a great brother!

Well… So there we go. Chong Qing Hot Pot is not too bad, that’s according to the boys. Believe them or not, try it and you’ll find out!

Chong Qing Hot Pot @ Suntec
Suntec City Mall
No 3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983
Tel: 6337 6921

One thing’s for sure is these boys are MINE. They are my great friends who will last me for a lifetime. I’m so glad to have them.

One, a good friend since secondary school days when we used to write letters to each other. And the other, a good friend whom I’ve found since the beginning of the year.

Love you guys!


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