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3 days to New Year – Partying already??? December 29, 2006

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We had this party after work yesterday. It was a pretty good time until the time I had to take my leave.

Us gals in Forwards Hahaha…us gals with Mr Y. Check out the size of that bottle! We all look kinda sheepish.

Check out the size of the bottles! Big, bigger, biggest! We look like drunkards!

Happy! Contented with the size of us bottles – it also relates how much we drink each.

Roxy, Boat Quay After the round of drinks and food at the office, we headed to Roxy for the second round~

us gals Who can forget us girls? =)

Junior gals Just a couple of us juniors!

Hehe…eventful day!


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  1. Jane Johns Says:

    Google is the best search engine

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