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Everyone keeps leaving me January 31, 2007

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😥 In 4 weeks, I’ve sent off 4 people; more are leaving soon. I will miss you guys!!! Waiting for you to come back…

Cousin! Sent Persis off on the 12th January.

Eemin Sent Jon off EARRRLY last Saturday.

Hmmm more to come eh… kinda reminds me of when I was leaving for Melbourne, especially my first time going off. I flooded the airport! 😛

Can someone keep all my friends in Spore pls? Pretty Pls? Pretty Pls with a cherry on top? 😉 heheheh



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Our first customer ordered a cake. Hope she likes it 🙂 Tonight will be the day, the day of all days, when a decision will be made, whether OUR cake is good, or bad. It is the day of opinions… the day of JUDGEMENT!

Okok..i’m being dramatic here. Anyway click on the link to check out the BEAUTIFUL cake.

Shout out to Jinx for baking a GREAT LOOKING CAKE! Well for anyone out there who is STILL hesitating, why wait? And especially in the period and time of love, hearts and kisses, when Valentine’s Day is lingering around the corner, why not… ask us to make/bake something for your special someone? 😉



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CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I was out two weeks back when I came across this girl in the supermarket. She’s SO DAMN CUTE!!!!!!! =) I wanted to kick her!!!


Malaysia Vs Singapore

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National Stadium Walking to the Stadium to meet Jon

Jon and IJon and I Met Jon at the stadium. Took a shot before and during the match.

View of most of the National StadiumView of the National Stadium. I’ll be opposite today (at the grandstand area…SHELTERED!!!) And those little little ants are… well the soccer players.

Warming up – The players were warming up to the match, well… were we.

Deciding Goal – The whole congregation erupted as Lionel Lewis saves the goal, the last goal during the penalty.

A song for the Malaysians – This was okay, I mean it’s a little hilarious but I felt abit bad when everyone kept boo-ing the visitors. I mean it’s a friendly match right??

Hmm… While walking out of the NS, I could hear many enthusiastic fans still singing…

Well..wasn’t too bad a match. I mean, it’s the first LIVE soccer match I watched in the National Stadium. I’m going to watch the next match today. It’s probably my last time today, stepping into the grounds of the National Stadium. It does bring back memories… =)


Check it out!!! January 30, 2007

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Hahahahaha…while baking with Jinx last Sunday, I thought of setting up a website for us – to well, bake for fun, while well, get something out of it. I mean I’m not too sure whether it’ll work but I have already set up this website specially for us gals. This is a trial website and well, hope it picks up. =)

Click here to check out this website.


30-cent eye

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PA volunteered me to do lunch duty, so I gave him a glare from the corner of my eye. Then he said “Dont look at me with your thirty-cent eye.”

Both JS and I were a little perplexed. So we asked him what he meant. He replied saying…

Sar Kak is corner of the eye in Hokkien. Sar Kak sounds like 30 cents so…

Hahahahaa..tat was quite interesting! =) I wanna learn hokkien! The only words are know, in hokkien, are…well, the flowery words… 😉 Time to learn the ones to tens and I’ll figure something out from there. Hehe


Physically tired…

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I slept around the same time as any other day but…I woke up sneezing and sneezing, and sneezing, and sneezing…well you get the idea. That kept me up for close to 1 hour. By the time I went back to sleep, it was almost already time to get up. Sigh… It’s going to be a looooong day. What’s keeping me going is…

1) The Soccer Match between Thailand and Malaysia.
2) My trip to Bangkok…really looking forward to it
3) My Business Venture that us girls are planning and looking into. =)

Yeap… time to head back to work. I wanna go for lunch sooooon. I need a break!