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bo chap is ze middle name

Adoration January 3, 2007

I still remember this weekend. It was a really loooong weekend due to two public holidays coinciding. Good for me, because I had a great rest. I did go out of course, but I didn’t overdo it, like my previous 2 months. *grin*

I was out with my buddies after my facial and dental appointment. I had to do something really important and I was so damn glad that they were rooting for me, and they were there to see me crumble (for the last time in a while). Being with them for the rest of the Saturday made my day. Their stupid remarks just made me grin, even though I was still slightly blue. I shall put up photos when I can upload them photos. Anyway we were walking to Telok Kurau when I started talking about crushes, Kangwei to be exact.

Karen then made this stupid comment saying “I also had a crush what…(long pause) David Tao!”

I was speechless then. Stupid silly bestie! hahahaaha! But I am genuinely happy to have Rongyang and Karen with me at my lowest point.

On Sunday, dad drove me to church. We suddenly mentioned my grandmother. He asked whether I dreamt of her. I nodded quietly without making any noise. He then continued by saying that sometimes he still felt my grandmother’s presence and dreamt of her. But the more important phrase, dad said, that struck me really made me tear almost immediately was:

You know that Mama adored you right?
All I could do, or the only action that I could do was to nod. There was then this moment of silence when both of us looked out of the window, I know I teared. Grans’ passing was a few years back but we still miss her. I know Dad does, and I do too. We just, well, haven’t really the time to…well…I don’t know. It was just a poignant moment.

You’ll never know how much you miss a person or how much you love a person until…you lose the person.

When you ever ever ever see or meet someone whom you know you love, treasure him/her with all your heart. More importantly, treasure your family. Sigh…

I miss Mama…. I wish I could be there when she was at her deathbed. But I guess, she knew that I loved and still love her…

Really…treasure them, before you lose them, and regret it for life.


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