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Life’s like this, isn’t it? January 3, 2007

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On the very first day of this year, I arranged to meet Mr Chia to rollerblade. It was a good time, especially because it’s my first time exercising in a month! I’ve been pretty sick for the past month and I was so glad that I could FINALLY get down to doing something more beneficial for myself.

New years allow us to decide on certain things and (I hate to say this) make new year’s resolutions. I don’t usually believe in this, nor do that but because of the series of events that happened in the last 2 months, I knew I needed to get down to business, be a little more serious. I know I’m being vague here but I know what I’m talkin about so, yeah.

Anyway it was a good start to the year. A little low-key for me but well, good nonetheless. Mr Chia and I ended up blading for maybe an hour (?) before we headed off to makan at the food center in East Coast.

One thing noteworthy is the fact that, despite rollerblading for at least 5 years, I still didn’t know how to stop – I always had to skid to the nearest lamp post or tree trunk; or worse, fall gracefully to stop.

After sharing that little snippet of information with Mr Chia, he offered to teach me but I politely declined. So we continued blading. It was only until I took my first fall, that I told Mr Chia I was ready to learn. It took me a couple of minutes before I could stop. It would take me a while to stop but at least, I tried.

This reminds me of well, just life. Life can get pretty tough and it really can be weary but sometimes all it takes is one step to learn and find out about something before realise that life is much easier. Life parallels to blading, in a sense that, sometimes it just takes one step for you to learn something, and this would mean that it would prevent you from falling ALOT more. It may be scary at first but hey, once you learn it, it will be alot easier. You may fall but the probability is lowered. =)

Also, I have learnt from ALOT occasions, including the blading lesson, that all you need to do is to try. Trying gives you opportunity and hope. You may not succeed but ultimately, at the end of the day, when you reflect back, you would realise that you tried your best and that’s all that matters. When you think back, you would know that at least you tried. You would have no regrets, no what-ifs…

Think I talked too much already. Time to get back to work! =)


2 Responses to “Life’s like this, isn’t it?”

  1. anniesf Says:

    that’s a great start of new year
    to rollerblade =)

  2. renzi Says:

    Yes it is… =) Rollerblading with a great friend.

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