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Resolutions again?!??! January 3, 2007

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2006 came and went. It’s really true – once you start working, time flies so damn quickly. In a blink of an eye, before you know it, time went by in a breeze. I’m actually quite scared to think, in a year’s time, I’ll be saying the same damn thing, that time indeed zoomed by without me realising it.

Anyway before I start rattling on and on at my amazement about…well, time. Let’s see… I had a fucked up year (don’t mind the language). I mean I had my ups and downs but….it was more of the downs that really made me so depressed.

I went for my first trip to Perlis. Had a great time there, especially with the girls. I found out where the hell Perlis was. And and…it was my first time stepping into Thailand soil. It was short-lived but great nonetheless…

Nothing much happened during the first quarter. Relationship-wise, it was pretty unstable. Work-wise, I was still procrastinating to get a job. The only thing that got me by were the camps that I attended. Ulghhh..bratty spoilt kids who made my blood boil, I still love them anyway!

Oh, I picked up wakeboarding, but I found that sport a little too…pricey. It is fun, if I must mention. Ah, the times when you fall, hit your face, you really feel like you’ve been punched but somehow it was addictive.

I had by far one of the worst birthdays. Hence my theory of birthdays, my birthday to be exact. I HATE my birthdays! I ALWAYS avoid the stupid date – April Fool’s Day.

May to June was torturous. Okay, work was alright. The nature of my job was boring because it was back office and it was friggin PASSWORD ADMINISTRATION!!? Whoever knew banks would have such departments for internal staff members?? I met a buncha kick-ass girls who turned out to be my netball team mates, made me fall in love with netball all over again. I ALSO then realised my stamina went down the drain because I hadn’t been exercising for the longest time (other than… wakeboarding).

In that period, I kept going for interviews hoping to snarl up at least one position before my damn contract ended. I was offered by a couple of financial institutions but I chose this company (not mentioning names here – well all I can say is I’m still working there)

What can I say about the later part of the year, I got a job, met an AC mate in the company and she turned out to be kickass! I mean she and another girl whom I met during the interview session. The three of us became inseparable. We’re still close now *beams*

ANYWAYYY,….got to know ALOT more people in the duration of 6 months because of qutie a bit that happened. I went out with more people, learnt alot at work, realised certain characteristics of myself, re-acquainted myself with certain friends like Jingxi and Danielle… was a blast.

Oh, did I mention, I learnt the basics of how to play a guitar too!!! =)

Oh oh oh! And Joe came to down! That really made me so damn happy. Who else visited? Jackie…May and Joey… *grin*

Of course there was this certain incident that HAD TO spoil everything. I mean not everything but it was my everything and because of that, at least partially, I kept falling sick, didn’t wanna be alone and lost my drive for almost everything.

I was and am still very glad that ALL my close friends and even family were there for me. I cannot stress that enough. You know there are certain people you think you can live without, but as time passes and things unfold, you realise it’s all not worth it. You’ve tried your best and you know it’s all that matters.

Upon reflection, and after a church service….I realised yeah, that yeah, it may be a shit year, but… friends and family make it all worth it. They make you realise so much things, that some things are just trivial and even though it’s in your face… you don’t realise it. I know I’m just rambling… Don’t mind me…. hahahahah

I’m so friggin glad for EVERYTHING. I am indeed fortunate to have a job, have great friends and a family.

Thank you God.

I’m indeed excited right now to see how the next chapter of my life unfolds. Watch it with me, be with me… watch my tears (hopefully of joy) and laughter as I grow up, or well, grow older. =)



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