Can’t be fussed about anything

bo chap is ze middle name

Christmas isn’t Christmas… January 4, 2007

A first long weekend in a while and on Christmas, I met up with my relatives for our usual meet-up.

Swenson's, United Square My customary lunch with the relatives. The group seems slightly smaller each year.

A couple of us My cousin, his gal and my grand aunt. My cousin, let’s call him lolo (that’s his nickname, been calling him that since I could remember), brought his girlfriend for the gathering. It was his first time bringing someone for our “inspection”. My dad HAD TO be the shit-stirrer, he joked, reassured her saying “don’t woooorrrry, you’re the first girl he brought to us” and dramatically winked at Lolo. Yeeeaaap, that’s my dad.

1st generation The first generation, having kopi.

Adults The parents of lot, also having kopi.

Ahhhh..the youngters...well, the older youngsters Us, with the chao extras. hehee… The older youngsters. Ah, we’re finally growing up.

Coffee sessions Coffee sessions with my cousins, what more can I ask for?

Just us... FINALLY. A decent shot of just us. I can’t wait to see them end January again. I love them!!!

With the boys Out with the boys at night. FIRST TIME, in a long while, that I’m taking a photo with Keith (with another person in the photo – he hates taking photos in threes) Anyway we were at the M Hotel, having ala carte buffet. It wasn’t too bad, considering, it was friggin 60 bucks per person!!! Heh, but because it’s dear Mr Loy’s birthday, I thought of being nice to the birthday boy – treated him lor.

A year older! A year older, a year wiser Mr Loy!!!

My Pseudo Boyfriend for now...hahaha! Mr R Lim and I =) He’s one of my great buddies who helped me through last year! Love ya!!!

Yeah, so there, I ended my Christmas on a mellow note. We were at the Wine Company along Dempsey Road for an hour or so before we headed home. NIceeeeee….I mean I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas. Christmas isn’t Christmas without your friends and family. =)

The Wine Company @ Dempsey
Block 14-3, Dempsey Road
S’ 249688

For more photos, click here.


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