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Christmas Eve : Eventful siaaaaa (Part 2) January 5, 2007

Filed under: Christmas & New Year,Church — renzi @ 5:35 pm

Too lazy to describe…too lazy to do anything for now. =)

St Hilda's Choir??! It was a realllllyyyyy looooooonggg session of singing. I enjoyed it though. I LOVEEE CHRISTMAS CAROLS!!!

Derong and I Why does Derong always look so sleepy??? I look tired though…

Little Mr Sunshine! *grin* I miss suppering with Mr Loh. =) He always makes me smile hahahaha

MONSTAJOE A shot with mOnStAjOe


=P Hehehehee…. 3 retards actually! =)

Well…the Christmas eve ended on a low-key. Wasn’t too bad. Guess I was too tired to stay up the whole night =)

For more photos, click here.


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