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Christmas Eve : Eventful siaaaaa January 5, 2007

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(Please read this in a malay accent) Sia lah…brraaaa-derrrrs and sissss-terrrrsss, u want to ear boud my clist-masssssss???

Okay…enough mucking around.

In the morning, I went to church, helped out with last minute arrangements (see my other entry). It wasn’t too bad. I haven’t been back to St Hilda’s in ages. It feels a bit…odd, but oh well. All I know is, it’ll be a while before I go back to St Hilda’s.

Us gals again! Ooops, forgive me God, for I have sinned. No more middle fingers! Or at least I’ll try!!!

Heh heh Okay lah…a more decent photo of us.

The younger kids, mingling. A blurry photo of the peeps, mingling

Check out the crossssss! Derong and I…. check out the cross man!

Attention pls! The congregation listening attentively.

Yoyoyo! I stole the cross! =P Yeah lah…I’m a retarded

Retardation at work YAY!!! Another retard! =ppp

Retards!!! Following yonder ball…. hehehe there are actually retards everywhere…we’re jus being silly! heh

Us gals Just us gals…with Dr being an extra

CUTE!!! I think Deb’s so damn cute lah!!!

The first few gals in the party Hehe….after meeting Mr R Lim for coffee at Parkway, I did some last minute wrapping of presents before heading to Gao’s place for a Christmas gathering.

who's the odd one out?? Lam’s so damn funny man! Tryin to take a photo with the host – he still looks the same.

With the man! Derrick looks better and better each time I see him *drool*

Dominic Eu Kum Wa Hahhaa….. a decent photo with Dominic Eu Kum Wa(h). Shit man…haven’t taken a photo with him since, what, we broke up….5 years back?? hahahahah

Ahhh…. too lazy to actually type about the later part of the day. Will do that soon. Anyway up till the evening, I really enjoyed myself. Saw some people whom I haven’t met in ages. And caught up and met some new people. Nice! What’s Christmas without a bit of cheer? *grin*

For more photos, click here.


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