Can’t be fussed about anything

bo chap is ze middle name

Christmas Eve’s Eve January 8, 2007

Ahh..that’s the day that changed so much of my life the year before but oh well, that’s the past. Anyway before I met Jackie, I caught up with my two favourite boys (it’s soooo hard to get Alvin nowadays…zzz)

My favourite boys Caught a movie with the boys before we wandered around. We managed to see the beautiful display of lights and deco in Taka. =)

Mont Blanc wallet for me pls!!! I then met up with Dom and Karen. We searched hi and low for a suitable wallet for Dom’s dear. Guess where we were!? Hahaha… No prizes for that. One funny moment’s when Karen exclaimed “WAHHHHH…can I be your girlfriend ah,…so you can buy me a nice wallet”. I turned to Dom and said, almost sheepishly, “ermm…I can’t say that because you’re my ex!” HAHAHAHAHAHAH

My boys Another two of my favourite boys. Hehehe… YEap…after shopping, we met up with Jon Teo as well. One of my first times meeting him since he was back. ($#*@$&#@($

It was indeed a tiring day. I met up with my Secondary school mates, my JC friends and my Uni buddies. =)

For more photos taken on a very memorable day (including Jackie’s photos), click here.


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