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A strange relationship. January 10, 2007

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I’ve this friend whom I’ve known for close to say 3 years? I only became better friends end of 2006 during our graduation. He’s bigger from the first time I met him, bigger in a physical sense. Erm, physique-wise…ALAMAK, fuck you know what I mean lah.

Anyway he’s from Uni and if I remember correctly, he thought that I was aloof and had nothing to talk to me about. That was his impression of me. I’m glad that we got to know each other better the last year.

Enough enough of the mushy bullcrap. I just remembered one of his comments when we were trying to imagine if we were together, to which the thought lasted for less than a minute, because we were almost purging our meals out. We can NEVER imagine being …ULGH together…yuck yuck. That’s almost equivalent to friggin incest! Well, I’m sure he shares the same sentiments. This is because one time he actually said

I would rather fuck a goat than fuck you.

Indeed. I feel the same way, bro. Hahaha… And of course I HAD to say something in retort, and immediately, well almost, I countered saying “I can’t wait to drink with Keith in a room, WITH a goat. Then I can trick him into fucking a goat”

Now that’s a sight eh? hehe

But it’s true. There are some guys whom you can ONLY be friends with. And stupid Mr Loy is one of them. I mean, they know you pretty darn well, just like a sibling. That’s why I said, to think of even being,..*shudder* intimate with someone like that is almost incest! =p

Heh heh…Thanks, mate, for being such a great buddy. And I miss going out with you lah. Hope to see you soon ah! Oh oh…and hope I can get to see you fuck a goat soon *winK*


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