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Amused (re: my mum) January 11, 2007

Filed under: Family,Funny,Geylang Methodist Secondary — renzi @ 5:38 pm

Just the other day, I came home pretty early (apprx 10.30pm after meeting Nielle and Jinx). I switched on the computer and started chatting on MSN.

The next thing I knew it, Mother started up her computer. I found it a little wierd because she usually checks her emails earlier during the day but of course I disregarded that.

Suddenly, she turned and asked “how’s work?”. I was slightly stunned. I didn’t expect to have any form of conversation with her. I mumbled “erm…it’s okay lor” and went back to my typing.

There was this moment of silence before I resumed chatting on MSN. In a matter of seconds, she turned to me and asked another awkward question

What happened to the two guys?

I was even more surprised. I said “they’re over already what”. I quickly turned back to the computer and from the corner of my eye, Mum looked significantly surprised, even though she tried to hide it. She kept probing about Mr L and I kept insisting that I already told her what happened.

She did deny it of course. Then…she asked one really funny question, which caught me off-guard:

Then what about Rongyang?

At that split moment, I cracked up. I couldn’t really concentrate chatting anymore. I cleared the air with Mum, explaining to her as slowly and concisely (is there such a word) as I could that…he was just a very close friend, a close secondary school friend whom I’ve been hanging out quite alot. It suddenly reminded me of what Keith said and mannn…it really made me laugh, made my day even.

Mum’s really funny I tell you. She keeps thinking I’m with people I’m so damn close to. It’s really like incest. I know them too well. Tsk.

Haha..come to think of it, I should have scared her, telling her I gave up hope on guys and have decided to be lesbian. *grin* Oh well…mums will be mums won’t they?


2 Responses to “Amused (re: my mum)”

  1. j*neen Says:

    *hee* bet your mum was freaking out inside with the lesbian idea. she’ll start match-making you with your neighbours soon. 😉

  2. renzi Says:

    hahahahahah nahhh….. she wouldn’t. I hope *crosses fingers* hehehehe

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