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Happy New Year, pull your ear!!! January 15, 2007

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So damn belated, better late than never!!! 😉

Blading since a loooooooooong time ago In the morning, I went blading with Seann before we went swimming. Here’s Seanne helping me with my blades..whee

Highlight of the day MY highlight – dinner, sumptious dinner, with my favourite girlies from work. We made up for…our BKK trip.

WTF?! SIMI ?? SIMI??? See what see? Kwa simi kwa??? HAhahahaha…we were so not prepared when silly JS snapped.

Nicer photo Ahhh…a nicer shot! hahahaha Silly JS didn’t wanna take any photos with us that day.

Soooooo... I sneaked a shot So I sneaked a shot of her.

Yeah…I ended my day with Incest friend and Seann. The day went on pretty smoothly. First day…hmmm

For more photos, click here.


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