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Please pray for my friend January 16, 2007

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Last night, after work, I went to visit a dear friend of mine in SGH. He was in high spirits. He greeted a couple of us with a broad smile, his usual smile, when we came in at the same time. He was scheduled to go for an operation today. In fact, as I type, he should be resting now.

Hmmm….I just want to request those who are reading this blog to pray for him. He’s this very rare small intestine cancer. Initially, he was responding well to chemo. However, for the past 2-3 weeks, his tumours (even though they were shrinking) started bleeding and this in turn resulted in the very constant bleeding in his…erm rectum area.

So…this operation is for the surgeon to actually check and see what can be done, and of course rectify whatever that can be done.

When I saw him yesterday and even after I left him, I was slightly depressed. I haven’t had this feeling for a good 2 weeks. I had this overwhelming sense of…impending loss. I mean I’m not saying that, God forbid, he’s dying but I can’t help but feel sad. I don’t even think sad is the right word. I can’t find the right words to describe how I felt last night, and the whole period from November to December. I guess it’s like knowing that that is a potential that something drastic may actually happen but there’s really nothing you can do about it.

I guess this is me. I like to be in control and when such circumstances happen, I get somewhat shaken (not stirred, hur hur, sorry, couldn’t help but think of that) and disturbed. I know ALOT of people, actually just the majority of people always say that somethings cannot be helped but well I always feel if there’s a will, there’s a way. I guess I’m stubborn in that aspect, or well, in a more negative way, I’m living in denial. *shrug*

Hmm sorry, this entry deviated to meee.. Well, just wanna say, please please (pretty please with cherry on top) pray for my friend. He’s a dear friend to me. Just pray that he doesn’t suffer that much. That’s all I’m asking for.


2 Responses to “Please pray for my friend”

  1. j*neen Says:

    oh dear! I’ll definitely be praying… I hope he gets well soon!

  2. […] eating, we were talking about Gabs (my cell group leader, remember the time when I mentioned about a friend having cancer?) and he told me that after going through the surgery, Gabs has been in and out of the hospital […]

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