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A few more people came to town? January 17, 2007

Filed under: Monash — renzi @ 12:12 pm

Guess what? *excited* other than the fact that I went for the Budak Pantai performance, a couple of peeps from Monash came to town as well!

A snap shot of them during the performance Budak Pantai Unplucked – Late Nite @Esplanade (29th Dec 2006). I managed to steal a shot of them, erm illegally, when they were performing. Of course I was promptly stopped by one of the ushers, much to the embarrassment of the 3 others who came with me. heh ermmmm check out their website if u wanna find out more about them.

Hehehehe I thought Danny was cute so I coaxed Christie into taking a shot with me and the cute guy. Erm…he looks wierd in this shot lah, especially with the makeup and all.

Just a couple of us After the performance, Keith picked the gals. including my dear cheng cheng, up and we went to a place in Princep Street for…shisha and well, just catching up.

The whole lot of us Yeapppp and on the 2nd of Jan 2007, Rachel was about to leave for Malaysia so we decided to all meet up. We had lunch at this Hong Kong Cafe in Vivocity. It wasn’t too bad. BUTTT the highlight of this whole day was…the gambling!

Poker! Hahahah unfortunately I lost…in poker. No poker face lah! 😛

For more photos these two days, click here.


2 Responses to “A few more people came to town?”

  1. Michael Says:

    Hi Michael from BP here, thanks for coming to the show and shame on the ushers!!!
    And yes will keep your friend in my thoughts.

  2. renzi Says:

    hahaha thanks! lookin forward to ur next show…

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