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Ugly Betty = Ugly Renzi? January 17, 2007

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Sniff sniff… I was talkin to Danny when he briefly mentioned that I looked like this girl from this series Ugly Betty. I was like “whhhhattt?”, I mean Ugly already says it all right? Sniffles. Then today I asked him again, and he replied

haha no lah when she smile and look down trying to look innocent, she looks like u!

SNIIFFFFF….”look innocent”?? NOoOOOooOOO

Heh..anyway Yeah..come to tink of it. I do look like that, especially with my braces on. Oh well…I shall look for a photo…mom…

Ugly Betty Hmm compare Betty (the on screen character) to…

HAHAHAHAHA hahahahaha…super unglam photo of me…AND MR LOY, my incest partner!!! Wah lao! How skinny was he there!!! Anyway can’t find a photo which really parallels me to…sigh, betty but oh well… 😛


One Response to “Ugly Betty = Ugly Renzi?”

  1. […] actually true. I do remember Danny telling that to me and actually blogging about our conversation too. I actually got the tickets! Whoo! Got an SMS today informing me that I won tickets to watch the […]

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