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Who will disturb my sleep next? January 19, 2007

Filed under: Funny,Movies — renzi @ 5:19 pm

Two nights ago, I was feeling reeeeeeally tired so I turned in early. In the middle of the night, approximately 12 midnight, my phone started to ring. It was actually GO who called me to ask about the alcohol. (#$*&@*($#

And you know what? Last night, I went out with my gals and borrowed the car from Dad. I came home around 11 and went to bed almost immediately. Before I knew it, I received a phonecall at about 12. It was my mother. My conversation went like this…

Renzi: (Groggily) Hello?
Mum: (irritated) Where are you now??
R: (confused, and still groggy) Huh?? I’m sleeping…
M: (shocked) WHAT?!?! You’re sleeping while driving???
R: Huh??? I’m sleeping, like I’m at home!??!
M: (taken aback) Oh… you’re at home eh? (tone changes to being apologetic, laughed nervously) Oh…HUR HUR HUR… I didn’t hear you come back. I was waiting up for you…….
R: (flabbergasted, puts down the phone)

My mum….mums for you…. tsk…

Mannnnnn…I hope no one wakes me up today, because I realllllly need to sleep properly.


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