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Meet-up with Charms January 23, 2007

Filed under: Friends — renzi @ 2:00 pm

Just us It was meant to be a meeting-up with the Sex-And-The-City gang, but the rest only could make it after close to 10pm and Charms&I were a little beat.

Just a couple more shots taken in Cedele, Wheelock that night. It was a good time catchin up with babe. =) I took off the photos already lah…but….hehehe oh well


3 Responses to “Meet-up with Charms”

  1. charms Says:

    WAU LAU EH..can be any bigger anot?!!!! : P

  2. renzi Says:

    hahahaa u asked to put these two…tink after a while i’ll take it ou…our faces are sooooo big????

  3. charms Says:

    got such thing as RESIZING LOR!!!

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