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Traumatised January 23, 2007

Filed under: Singapore — renzi @ 1:11 pm

I was out with the girls for coffee when a group of 3 sat behind JS and AS. All went well until…………. the only lady, who was dressed presentably in a skirt, open her legs. Her cellulites, fats, panties were gaping at me….ULGHHHHHH….kill my eyes, sanitise me please!!!!!!!!!! I had to ask JS to shift toward a direction because I didn’t want to go blind. This is not like the first time it happened. It ALWAYS happens in MRTs especially.

Why can’t people, ladies especially and hopefully ladies only, CROSS THEIR FRIGGIN LEGS WHEN THEY’RE WEARING A FUCKING SKIRT/DRESS!?!?!!?!?

Please do not blind me. I’m already half blind, don’t push me to my grave. I am not interested in seeing cellulites, variscose veins and what not. PLEASE SPARE THE AGONY FOR OTHERS ie practice some consideration please – some of us still wanna see the world. I’m still young!!!



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