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Royce Earl Grey Chocolates January 29, 2007

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During lunch duty today, my dear JG walked past me and handed me these little treats from Royce Chocolates. She warned me that it would taste…different. I tried it and my verdict: sedap niaaaaaa!!! Oh Oh Oh!!! And something else to die for…the chocolate-covered potato chips..yummm, a tinge of saltiness with an added kick of orgasmic sweetness……… *drool*

I wanted to check out the bloody website but it’s in Japanese. WHY CAN’T THEY HAVE A TRANSLATED WEBSITE, like any other company?? Ulgh. Kill me please.

Hehe..anyway for those who wanna taste one of these delicious bits of heaven, feel free to make your way to…

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Mall

Have fun!


2 Responses to “Royce Earl Grey Chocolates”

  1. j*neen Says:

    there’s a counter at the basement of Takashimaya too. 😀 almost ALL their chocolates are excellent. yummmm…

  2. renzi Says:

    AND not to mention, expensive

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