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Malaysia Vs Singapore January 31, 2007

Filed under: Friends,Singapore — renzi @ 9:08 am

National Stadium Walking to the Stadium to meet Jon

Jon and IJon and I Met Jon at the stadium. Took a shot before and during the match.

View of most of the National StadiumView of the National Stadium. I’ll be opposite today (at the grandstand area…SHELTERED!!!) And those little little ants are… well the soccer players.

Warming up – The players were warming up to the match, well… were we.

Deciding Goal – The whole congregation erupted as Lionel Lewis saves the goal, the last goal during the penalty.

A song for the Malaysians – This was okay, I mean it’s a little hilarious but I felt abit bad when everyone kept boo-ing the visitors. I mean it’s a friendly match right??

Hmm… While walking out of the NS, I could hear many enthusiastic fans still singing…

Well..wasn’t too bad a match. I mean, it’s the first LIVE soccer match I watched in the National Stadium. I’m going to watch the next match today. It’s probably my last time today, stepping into the grounds of the National Stadium. It does bring back memories… =)


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