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YAY January 31, 2007

Filed under: Myself — renzi @ 1:47 pm

Our first customer ordered a cake. Hope she likes it 🙂 Tonight will be the day, the day of all days, when a decision will be made, whether OUR cake is good, or bad. It is the day of opinions… the day of JUDGEMENT!

Okok..i’m being dramatic here. Anyway click on the link to check out the BEAUTIFUL cake.

Shout out to Jinx for baking a GREAT LOOKING CAKE! Well for anyone out there who is STILL hesitating, why wait? And especially in the period and time of love, hearts and kisses, when Valentine’s Day is lingering around the corner, why not… ask us to make/bake something for your special someone? 😉


One Response to “YAY”

  1. karen Says:

    omg u have a cake business?? NEVER TELL ME! I also want!

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