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Leaving on a jetplane February 1, 2007

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Hur hur hur…overused, cheesy line…

Well, I’m waiitn to board the plane, Swiss Air to be exact, and I’m really lookin forward to stepping on foreign land. I just hope the Thais are welcoming, I mean…it’s known to be the Land of Smiles, right? RIGHT?? Someonee back me up here. Hehe…

Anyway I’m quite excited to get out of Singapore – it’s really a long-overdued trip. My first break in, what 1/2 a year?

Be good everyone. I’ll be back before you can even say “Monday”… 🙂



One Response to “Leaving on a jetplane”

  1. j*neen Says:

    why didn’t you pack me in your bag!!?? 😥 and wow! harry potter is all grown up and hot now!! hmm..but i do find his hairy stomach a little disturbing? someone give him a wax please! hehe. and hey! your friend..derrick? does look a little like him. :p

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