Can’t be fussed about anything

bo chap is ze middle name


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I hate to swoon over anyone but damn it, Daniel Radcliffe is SO DAMN FUCKING HOT. Check him out!!!

Hot Hunk I can’t even breathe properly now….loooook atttttt hisssss…. *drool*

Yummmyyy Can I eat my dessert off you, please? Pretty please with a cherry on top??

Come to think of it, this reminds me of a friend…he’s quite a nice built and he’s worked really really hard for how he looks like, even in school *rolls eyes*

Ladies and gentlemen…put your hands together to welcome Singapore’s very own…Daniel Radcliffe!!! (hope Derrick doesn’t kill me for this ‘feature’ :p)

Derrick Lim - ACJC Singapore’s answer to Daniel Radcliffe. Erm..couldn’t get any other shot of him. Only grabbed it from Friendster 😛 HAHAHAHAHHA Any gals interested???


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