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Quentin Eurasian Restaurant February 1, 2007

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Quite some time back (14 Jan 2007), the same day when I shamed myself in front of Bryan and Patricia (hur hur, machiam like they’re my friends), a couple of us went to Quentin Eurasian Restaurant for lunch. It wasn’t too bad, the food’s tasty (a little salty) service was slow, but well… overall wasn’t too bad. I don’t really mind going back. =)

Just us Yummmmm… Can’t wait to go back…

Eggplant - YUMMMz Eggplant – who can resist??

Szechuan Chicken The Szechuan Chicken was too salty for me (kinda reminds me of Zhang Ziyi hahahahahaha – “the soup is too salty”)

Us gal The rest of the photos didn’t come out nicely..sniffles… oh well, settle for us then 😛

Quentin Eurasian Restaurant
425 East Coast Road


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