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I admit February 7, 2007

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I admit…I was bored during lunch duty. I was actually looking through this website because I was once again reminded by Jon Leong about…TMNT!!! I took a look at the turtles’ profiles and among all, I feel that I’m most like RAPHAEL. He sounds a little jaded like me, and extremely skeptical. Oh well…we need people like that (like meeee) in this world as well. 😉

Deviating and moving on, Hahaha.. I can’t wait for the movie to be launched on the 30th March. Do keep a look out for the turtles in a half shell yeah? It’s gonna be a blast of a movie.

chrisglass.gifTURTLE POWER!


3 Responses to “I admit”

  1. kroketpoker Says:

    Nice post. I’ll return. rape corner is very good pair

  2. Jon Says:

    Heroes in a half shell not turtles in a half Shell!!! I TOLD YOUU!!!!!!!!!!! Ur TMNT name is Fenzo

  3. jon Says:

    check out for the’s “heroes in a half shell” =)

    and Fenzo?!?! there’s no turtle by that name!

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