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Just because February 7, 2007

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Nothing lah, I’m just a bit tired, my throat’s dry, I feel abit plegmy (ulgh I can’t spell for shit)and well, I’m just being whiney. I came across this and thought, oh well, might as well do something… I can well, take this time to think back 2006, reminise…

Best food: The fried noodles in Kim Koo Dumpling and Ramen (in Parkway), Peppar Crab (in Joo Chiat), Steamboat (in the food court of Parkway), Frog’s Legs Porridge (where else but Geylang!). Iced Thailand Tea, Durian Cake (in V-Tea Room) Char Kuay Tiao (in Penang…sniff sniff)

Biggest moment of fear: Honest? erm…guess it was when I knew I was at my most vulnerable state, that nothing I could do could change anything (I know what I’m talkin about…I’m sure peeps like Karen, Jon, Pseudo Boyfriend would know as well)

Best holiday: I only had two…the Malaysia-Thailand one I guess… The foooooood….Heaven!

Most stressed holiday: Thailand (in December). Need I say more? We arrived Saturday morning and left Sunday evening. Did quite a bit of shopping though hahaha

Nastiest incident: Hmmm..that happened to me? I’d rather not say… those close to me would know *wink*

Most expensive purchase: My phone…I didn’t pay for it though… wheee 😉

Best surprise: Someone buying me nice NIKE shoes. hehee 😉

Biggest announcement: Hmm…something that made me…have the worst year EVER

Biggest lie: “it’s not you, it’s me”

Most painful experience: Once again..the same incident……hehe ask Karen, if she would be wiling to tell you.

Most embarrassing moment: I can’t really recall. I’ve had MILLIONS. I’m a joker to a lot of people, for some reason *shrug*

Biggest moment of achievement: being able to save a BEEEEEEET of money? hehehe

Most awkward performance: n/a hehe

Best compliment: You’re kickass as a friend!

Most agitated but composed moment: Guess it was talkin to my ex boss?

Biggest crush: *blush* I can’t say this…too many people I know reading this…

Most amusing comment during work: Shall I give you the details orally? (which resulted in a moment of silence, awkward silence)

Worst and most hilarious dinner: worst dinner was when I bawled while eating…wait, i didn’t even eat.. hahaha… most hilarious? Can’t remember…

Biggest nightmare in my line of work: when clients are pricks.

Moment of helplessness: thought i answered that?

Most flattering moment: hahahahahaa….. 😛


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