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jinx jinx, where art thou, jinxxx February 9, 2007

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Us Nielle, Jinx and meeeeeee

Arnie babes, Jinx and I Arnie babes, Jinx and I

For the past few months, I’ve been meeting up with Jingxi n Nielle, quite sad that she’s going to leave for Melbourne. Well, I hope to see her at least one more time, other than in church before she leaves.

Come to think of it, we’ve known each other since I was in primary 2…WOW, gosh, that’s like 16 friggin years! I’m amazed. I’m glad we kept in contact and we’re still really good friends. Those were the days when we were playin catching downstairs, playing waterbombs with Jingkai and her…not to mention the gorging and the constant same movie (Pretty Woman).

Sniffles…I’ll miss you gal!

For more photos of our times together, click here.


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