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Yay!!! February 13, 2007

Filed under: Myself — renzi @ 5:34 pm

Last Monday, I was waiting for a bus in the Hospital when the security guard starting talking…

Guard: Why didn’t you take the previous bus?
Renzi: Erm…*embarrassed* I forgot to pay, so I had to run back to the clinic to pay ***
G: Ohhh…so how old are you?
R: Erm… how old do you think I am? (I LURRRVE asking this question)
G: Around 18, 19?
R: (elated!) HAHAHAHAHAHA…I’m going to be 24 this yaer (I lurve exaggerating)
G: (surprised) REALY?!?! I tot you only 18, you look 18.

HAHAHAHAHAHHA…yay!!! I still look young! 🙂

*** On another note, this is embarrassing to say. I had to go for an eye check up. After the check up, I immediately walked out of the clinic. While waiting for the damn bus, I realised, I forgot to pay for consultation *blush* silly eh? oh well…


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