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Happy Birthday my dear Jingxi!!! February 15, 2007

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Haven’t really been updating what I’ve been up to. I’ve been pretty busy to even upload my photos. These few days have just been plain catching up with friends who study in Oz. Let’s see…

Monday – Met Jingxi, Anne, Danielle to celebrate Xi’s birthday in advance

Tuesday – Met up with Seann. I’ll only see him at the end of the year!

Yesteday – Saw Daryl accompanied with Pseudo boyfriend and Verbally Abusive boyfriend. Hehehe…

Just usJingxi, the birthday girlMucking aroundMucking around (Part 2) I took this off Jingxi’s blog – Here are some photos taken that night (on Monday). I’ve the rest in my camera (like I said I haven’t been uploading much photos).

Writting this in a daze so hopefully it doesn’t sound off (out of point).

Well..just a short shout-out – HAPPY __ (fill in the age – a gal’s age is sacred and secret :P) BIRTHDAY SWEETIE! HAPPY BLESSED ONE! Hmm… Hope you enjoy your last day in Singapore. Remember, sieze and savour every moment!

Thanks for all these years of friendship, 16 years to be exact. From the Primary school days when we cycled around aimlessly in circles at our apartment compound, ran up a powder-coated slide with much tenacity as one of the many challenges we imitated from tv programs, watching Pretty Woman on VCR over and over again and wondering whether our prince charmings would EVER be like Richard Gere (YESSSS we started young), pigging out on ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (her dad’s a superb cook)…

….to Secondary school days when we ruthlessly and constantly (well I did anyway) terrorised our tuition teacher, watched Pretty Woman from time to time, hung out in church, pig out (see the pattern here)….

…to my JC days when I was still dragging my arse to chinese tuition and meeting you there, only to start bitching, talking, rattling on about our days, friends etc, pig out AGAIN…

…to my Uni days where we ate out, and talked cock (I really see a pattern, eating tat is..hehe)…

…till now…where we still meet up to eat, and more importantly chill and have fun. I’m really glad to have you as a friend.

We literally grew up together and well, we’ve seen each others’ ups and downs. I’m glad to have to opportunity to anyway. I can’t wait for you to come back for good, so we can start our…you know πŸ˜‰

Take care when you’re in Oz yeah. EAT properly. πŸ™‚

See ya back in a few months time!


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