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Finally, another break February 16, 2007

Filed under: Funny,Myself — renzi @ 1:15 pm

Hahaha..I decided to take leave to take a break. For some reason, I’m extremely drained mentally, physically.

Anyway while waiting for a cab, this guy stopped his car next to me and asked for directions. Our wierd conversation went something like this…

Man: Er…do you know where siglap centre is?
Renzi: Well…at the traffic light, turn left and…(trailed off because he looked extremely confused, like I was speaking greek)… Ok… turn left when you reach the traffic light and..
M: Where are you going, how about I give you a lift?
R: (bewildered) Ermmm…I am going to…hmm well if you want to go to siglap centre, turn left at the…
M: I can give you a lift you know…
R: It’s okay…just turn left at the traffic light, go straight until you see a 7-11. The first buildin you see after 7-11 is Siglap Centre (smiled and walked away)

How wierd is that??? I mean I haven’t exactly hitched a ride from anyone I don’t know. Just to be safe 😉


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