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Rendezvous in Chinatown! February 28, 2007

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Many people celebrate Vday with their loved ones, so did I. I went out with a couple of the boys AND someone special came to join the party – Daryl! It was really exciting not only because I could meet up with some good friends, I also met my good friend who decided to FINALLY come down to Singapore. Anyway we were quite lucky (I feel that anyway, since I don’t think I can find anyone else to go with me to Chinatown) to find ourselves in the midst of the festivities – Chinese New Year that is. We had our dinner in Maxwell before we proceeded to Club Street.

Old school Back to the old school days – actually earlier than my time. 🙂 While making my way to the main part of Chinatown, there were many other well, stalls set up along the whole pathway of the Chinatown Shopping Centers.

First date of the day My first date of the day, on V-day to be exact.

Festivities make me happy As I walked down the flight of steps, I was actually VERY excited. It could be just the atmosphere but…

I love it! I love it! I’m addicted to Pasar Malams.

Pseudo! Pseudo talking to a lady about nian gao (literally and loosely translated: year cake, in chinese)

Pseudo BoyfriendVerbally abusive boyfriend) Had a rendezvous with my 3 boys, namely Pseudo Boyfriend, Verbally abusive boyfriend and My one and only Shy boy. 🙂

Adventures of Shy Boy and Introverted GirlAdventures of Shy Boy and Introverted Girl – We were both trying to be well, each other (ie I tried being shy, and he, Introverted) but we failed miserably. I guess, we can only be ourselves 😉 I will always be introverted.

Scoldings galore Erm..told them really supposedly terrible news…and well, had a really bad scolding from them. 😦 And almost immediately, they set up the FAK club hahahahah

WHOO!! And guess who decided to drop by? 🙂

) HAHAHAHAHHA…. after dinner, we literally relac one korner, and the both of us just filled each other in on our lives. It was really a good time catching up. One night wasn’t enough but oh well, beggars can’t be choosers right? Anyway I was really glad that I could see a good friend after, what, 2 years! 🙂

For more photos of my special V-day, click here.


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