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Another quiz…hhehee March 30, 2007

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I’m glad to have sweet friends like these peeps. March 29, 2007

I got a text from a good friend today (yesterday too) and I thought it was really sweet of him. I guess in the midst of all the bullshit, I’m really glad I’ve got really sweet friends. His SMS reads

“enjoy ur day…it is not easy but i am sure u will find strength within ur pals..take care n talk to u gals in a week n a half”

Well…I enjoyed dinner with you and the rest last night. You have a good trip up there and I’ll see you soon my dear friend 😉 Oh yeah, and thanks for the really advanced birthday greeting!


And my dear boyfriend at work, thanks for cheering me up to by your dramatic hilarious msg, saying

“Does this mean you are still my girlfriend till further notice haha”

He’s sooooo funny! Hahahaha


And one last shoutout to my dear Chengy. Thanks so much for the constant SMSes. They really brighten my days with your thoughtfulness. Messages like the following really make me feel loved. 🙂

Hey susu, renzi and daryl, just to say i miss you girls heaps. have a good day. tk care hugz

Hey girl, recover fr ur sick d? Got tk medicine? Recover fast k and hope ya doin OK at work. Hugz

Hey girl, How u? Working now? Dun drink too much k. Tk care of your liver r. Haha Love ya. Nights

Love you gal!


Last person whom I love and adore, well, and deserves a good shoutout and hug (if I can, I would) is…. *drum roll* Jonathan Ong Eemin, my best butty from Secondary School. He sent me an SMS a week ago “reporting” to me, saying…

Hey butt…its me. Sorry i took such a long time to settle down n contact u. Have been thinkin bout u heaps lately.. Hope all is going well at ur side. I’m doin well here. Will call soon when I get everything in order. Miss ya, Ass.

I’ll see you soon. Hopefully I can go to Oz to see u, and the rest of my mates! 😉


Let me promise..this will be the last(est) SMS… *crosses fingers* This girl comes from the humble country of Brunei and I was quite surprised to actually receive a msg from her. Thanks for the msg Wani… Thanks for making me feel loved and well, that you actually remember me and are still thinking of me from time to time. I really miss the times that we were bumming, especially after our last papers.

Hi girl! Wani here, jst letting u knw dis is my contact. Hehe hw u? Gong zi fa cai in advance! Take care renee!

Well…an act of SMS-ing takes less than 5 minutes and really, I appreciate it woman! It’s really the little things that count. Thanks so much!



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Ka ne nah bei…CHAO CHEE BAI!

Fucking hell.. I am really really really really really pissed. If I could spout any more colourful vulgarities, I would. Fucking hell.




March 27, 2007

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Or Luat Something you should try out… the OR LUAT in Gluttons Bay. It’s one of the best…according to most people I know. Hahahha…Okay, confession, I don’t eat the Oysters (personal preference here) but hey, I mean even the Omelette itself is crispy, and it promptly melts in your mouth once you bite into it. The bonus is the spicy chilli sauce with a sour tinge. YUMMY! One thing you HAVE to try before you die. Go!!!

Makansutra Gluttons Bay
01-15 Esplanade Mall
daily 6pm to 3am.
Tel: 6336 7025

Well I had that, plus the Prawn Mee and Fried Kuay Teow. I guess I over estimated Mark’s and my eating abilities. But hey, we enjoyed the food 😉 Even Mark, an Australian, LOVES it. What can I say?

Soooo..try it!


Jake Gyllenhaal is my LOVEEEEE

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I must say, if I have never mentioned before, that Jake Gyllenhaal is simply one of the cutest guys I’ve ever seen. I mean, he’s a great actor, but the more important thing is…HE IS HOT. He is sizzling H.O.T….!

Hot I mean look at his gaze, his eyes… I mean LOOK AT THE EYES!!! *drool* I’m infactuated! 🙂


People can be irritating (part 1)

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I was out with the client (hur hur) and GO when I checked my phone. I realised I had a missed call so I returned the phonecall only to converse with this….

Prick: Hello?
Renzi: Hello? (polite tone, as usual ;))This is Renee. May I know who called?
P: HAR?!!
R: Hello? (polite tone, as usual ;))This is Renee. May I know who called?

And check out what his next response was???

A short, sharp, I dont-give-a-shit “NO!”

I was like wtf??!! Ulgh..stupid prick….

Oh well…there ARE people like that…


Rex Satay is a MUST TRY! March 26, 2007

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Quite some time back, a week (if I’m not wrong) before CNY, I met up with Weiliang for dinner before catching up with the rest of the gang in the Airport. I told him he HAD to try the Rex’s Satay because I heard a lot about it (through the TCS 5 programme Lost and Found etc). We ended up ordering twice because the satays were really good. They were so tender and every time you bite into a stick of satay, the meat oozes out the goodness of fat and marinated sweetness. Yummmm….

Yummy You have to try this!!!

Rex Satay
(Rasa Sentosa)
Changi Airport T2 Staff Canteen