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Disturbing March 1, 2007

Filed under: Disturbing,Singapore,YUCK! — renzi @ 1:19 pm

While working today, Keith decided to msn me this disturbing link. It’s about well 2 separate cases of suicides captured on the CCTV systems of the respective MRT stations. Watch them ONLY IF you can take shocks. Some have argued that these are fake videos, others have expressed their horror (naturally), well…and the rest like the Flying Dutchman have condemned not the suicide actions, but the ethics, people who have actually got hold of the videos. Dunno lah, I just feel that it’s very disturbing to note that there are A LOT OF PEOPLE out there who are so lost, and so desperate, and well, just helpless to actually think of this very last resort – death. It is indeed very saddening that people would want to do that, to end their lives for issues that seem to hard to resolve (to them). It is a brave act but yet at the same time, an irresponsible way of escaping from problems. You leave behind not only your problems, you burden your family, friends with them. More importantly, you cause grief and evoke horrible emotions from your loved ones. I’m not even specifically going into the religious thinking of suicide.

Oh well, enough said. I’m sad enough for today… guess I’ll talk later.



One Response to “Disturbing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    the death must have been smothered by “love” and “compassion”

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