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A conversation with a “Financial Planner” March 9, 2007

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I was out with Cheng and a couple of the pack on Saturday after the birthday lunch (with the relatives). We were at the Education/Career fair (walking around the Suntec City Convention Centre) when this Man came up to me. He introduced himself, I obliged and went “oh, I’m Renee”

IA: Oh, In-ing?

R: Re-Nee (damn it, everytime I introduce myself, no one gets it? Do I mumble ALL THE TIME?!)

IA: Oh, nice to meet you. So where are you from?

R: (knowing that it’s a career fair, wanted to make sure) What do you mean? Like, what company I’m from?

Ia: Nono… I mean, which country are you from?

R: (sarcastic)Erm, I’m Local?

Ia: Ohhh (fake uncomfortable laugh) haha…. I thought you were Chinese, like from China. Because there are a few people from China who were walking around…

R: (lost interest completely) Okay..thanks… (walk away)

KNN… Do I look Chinese?!!? I mean I know I’m Chinese, but I’m not a Chinese National damn it! I look ordinarily Singaporean, I don’t understand why people who think otherwise. And for crying out loud, if you were to be recruiting people, you don’t make comments like tat!! Sheesh…

First, I’m from the Philippines, then I’m Vietnamnese… Sigh… I just wanna be and look like a Singaporean. Grrr


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