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Cheng came to town! March 9, 2007

Filed under: Friends — renzi @ 11:59 am

I took a loooong break from work because Cheng came to town!!! She touched down on Friday, where I met Susu and her for Tea and Kaya Toast before we met Keith and Sarah for drinks at Arab Street. I can’t really recall the place’s name but it’s a nice place to chill. We then adjourned to my place to gamble šŸ˜›

On Saturday, I had to go for Cheryl’s birthday before I accompanied Cheng to the Education/Career fair. I walked and browsed around. The only thing that interested me was the MBA programmes, which once again made me sad. Education is really expensive!!! šŸ˜¦ Oh well. After walking around, we had our first dinner at LJS (Millenia Walk). We then made our way to meet Keith and Sarah at Geylang. We had YUMMMYYYY frog leg porridge! We gambled AGAIN at my place. We started off with cards, then went on to play MJ (Nic, Keith, Sarah and I). We couuldn’t even finish all 4 winds because we were beat. Ulgh. We’re getting older.

On Sunday, after church I met up with Cheng and Susu at Vivocity, where we chilled there, caught up with each other’s lives before heading home for dinner. I can’t really remember much of that day.

On Monday, we went EATING everywhere! From Chinatown, to Orchard, to Little India. Pity we didn’t take any photos. The only photo I manage to take was when I sent her off on Tuesday. BoooOOoooo…

Cheng and I Can’t wait for you to come back again woman! šŸ™‚


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