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You will still be missed. March 11, 2007

Filed under: ACJC,Disturbing,Family,Memories,Myself — renzi @ 11:50 pm

Hmm another year has passed. Today’s Mama‘s death anniversary, well at least it should be, since I overheard Mother talking to my other grandmother about her. It still feels like yesterday when well, I received the news via SMS from Mother, that Mama had passed away. 😦

Anyway today I went to the Travel fair with Nic. We spent less than 15 min there before we headed to the IT fair. I’m not really a techie so well, I just browsed through stalls, squeezing with at least 1/4 of the population of Singapore. It was CROWDED, and at least 10 people stepped on my toes. To make matters worse, there were no babes, nor hunks. Hahaha… I guess at least Nic did some shopping. This is just a passing remark but, somehow at some angles, Nic does remind me physically alot like Kangfei. I always have to shake my head and constantly tell myself that they are two different people. Oh well…Kangfei, you’ll be dearly missed, still, by many of your friends.


4 Responses to “You will still be missed.”

  1. Christie~ Says:

    Babe, is the travel fare the one where they sell the cheap air tickets? Because if that’s the one, and it’s over already, my classmate’s going to die….

    Because I’m gonna kill him of course =)

  2. renzi Says:

    I just went for it. I had no money…was just going to tempt myself hahahahhaahha 😛

  3. […] quite upsetting to see a friend like that. I guess it hurts even more because it reminds me of mama (my grandmother). I remember blogging about it (when it all happened in 2004) when she passed on. For some reason, […]

  4. wildkatz Says:

    indeed. i still remember kangfei.

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