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Long Overdue March 12, 2007

Filed under: Chinese New Year,Photos — renzi @ 1:12 pm

UsSuper backdated…….. hahaha this was taken just before CNY. πŸ™‚ It was taken on CNY eve’s eve. We sent Jingx off. Hmmm We’ll miss you gal!

My keychains And just before Chinese New Year, one of my grandaunts offered to count how many keychains I had. It was a disappointing number. So much for even claiming I wanted to collect 1000 before I turned 21….ARGH…I’M ALREADY COMING 24!!!

Venus Oh, Karen and I had our usual CNY Eve drinks. This time round, it was a tamer version of last year (I was close to drunk in CNY Eve)… We were at Starbucks drinking….coffee πŸ˜› We then headed to her place where we played with two dogs, one of which is Venus (Karen’s Sis’ dog)… she’s sooo adorable. I love Schnauzers…!!

For more photos taken before CNY, click here. And ermm… *embarrassed* for CNY photos, I’ll come back with that later…when I upload them hahahahah


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