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Random Post March 12, 2007

Filed under: Myself,Renzi-Ramblings — renzi @ 1:00 pm

Well, it could be because I’ve nothing much to do now, and I’m extremely contemplative now, so here’s some things/facts about me, just because hahaha…

1) I only drink coffee when I know I can brush my teeth after that.

2) As you would probably know, I’m anal. I always want to brush my teeth because I tink my breath stinks

3) Once I start exercising, I get high and happy. I used to run everyday for 1 hour at least. Sigh those were the days.

4) I don’t like fizzy drinks (eg coke). I don’t usually drink them. The only exception is when I eat BBQed food.

5) I dont like eating pizza. The only exception is Monash Pizza (don’t ask me why).

6) I don’t like Mexican Food.

7) I erm, ate paper before, when I was in Kindergarden. *embarrassed*

8) The first time I was drunk was in a private party of some Advertising Agency.

9) I prefer to eat everything with chilli (I like spicy food)

10) My brother’s so young, he can be my dad’s grandkid

11) I haven’t been sleeping well since I came back from Oz. This has never happened to me before. *groan*

12) My best friend’s Karen, but we know we can’t stay together. We’ll kill each other.

13) I don’t like full meals… i like to snack.

14) I only like to watch cartoons, chick flicks and reality shows.

15) As idealistic as I may be, I don’t like happy endings – it never EVER happens.

16) I prefer to be a boy – can get away with murder

17) I don’t wanna have kids because of my brother

18) I wanna shop everyday

19) People usually see me as an independant person, but someetimes it’s nice to be dependant on someone else hahaha

20) I’m an April Fool baby *hint hint*


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