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Please pray for my friend, Gab March 13, 2007

Filed under: Disturbing,Family,Friends — renzi @ 1:27 pm

Hmm I’m getting a little emotional lately. I guess alot’s been going on around me, it’s really hard to “sit and stare” (quote from one of my literature texts a loooooong time ago).

I met up with Mark last night and brought him to Glutton’s to savour some of Singapore’s finest *snigger* hawker food.

While eating, we were talking about Gabs (my cell group leader, remember the time when I mentioned about a friend having cancer?) and he told me that after going through the surgery, Gabs has been in and out of the hospital because he has been having difficulty in well, excreting (is there such a word?) and passing motion. And because of the cancer, he’s been experiencing bouts of pain, especially during night times. It is so bad that he barely sleeps. In order to curb the pain, the doctors prescribed morphine and well he hallucinates occasionally.

It’s quite upsetting to see a friend like that. I guess it hurts even more because it reminds me of mama (my grandmother). I remember blogging about it (when it all happened in 2004) when she passed on. For some reason, the talk about morphine, hallucinations, really just reminded me of mama and the time, well that period of time when I wasn’t by her bedside when all of this happened.

Call me silly, but I spoke to Ken before sleeping and well, started tearing. 😦 Oh well… Just pray for my friend pls… I mean at least pray that he doesn’t have to suffer so much.

God pls help him.


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