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The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency March 19, 2007

Filed under: Bimbotic moments — renzi @ 10:13 am

HAhahahahah After going to church and seeing a doctor, I stayed at home to catch a WHOLE season of Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency. I know it’s bimbotic and a whole load of crap but hey…it’s funny! And JD is seriously so in-your-face! ANNNNNDDDD of course the guys are quite hot, especially the bespectacled guy called Tony K. Perez (I do have a thing for guys who can carry of wearing, well, glasses hahahahahahahhah)…*drool* 🙂 I’m currently watching the second season on youtube. Catch that when you’re extremely free…. 😛

And yeah, it was a good time catching up with Keith yesterday too. hahahah…


3 Responses to “The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency”

  1. fifakyle Says: u know that guy tony k. perez from janice dickinson modelling agency season 1..he’s kind of dissapeared in season 2..where is he anyway..i thought that he went to another modelling agency..he’s damn hot..

  2. renzi Says:

    yeah he is *drool*

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