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Tom Wisdom is my lovvvvveeeeeeee March 20, 2007

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I caught 300 (yes finally) with Ken, Jon and Derong. I went without expecting anything because I was actually quite reluctant to even go for the damn movie in the first place (and Jon T. kept RAVING about it).

The movie caught me by surprise. I mean it was not about the gore and blood (and naked women from time to time) but I was actually stunned by well the CG as well as…the half-naked men strutting around hahahahha. *drool* Nah lah, I mean…the fact that I wasn’t even bored showed something. I was very very impressed by the fighting scenes, especially the first actual fight/battle between the Spartans and Persians. The layers of Spartans who tactically forced the Persians to fight at a disadvantage was masterfully displayed. The level of coordination, teamwork and sheer intensity was present. It was such a superb, thrilling experience to watch that I caught myself gaping and exclaiming “WOW” from time to time. Hahaha…

Here’s the video (not so good lah the quality) of the first battle 🙂

Well…go watch this show…you HAVE TO WATCH it in the theatre! And btw…Tom Wisdom is like HOW HOT!!!!!!!!

And yeah…introducing…TOM WISDOM!!! My hunky love *drool* 😛


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