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Chinese New Year (Part/Day 1) March 21, 2007

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Yes, I’m a tad bit late but…oh well…it’s my blog. *shrug*

First batch of visitors The usual visitors who came early, were early this year. πŸ˜› Nothing much to say about that. I did miss Persis there and then because she was in Oz.

The Yow Family The dog’s sooooo damn adorable, even more brother was playing with it. (Note: it had like a chinese outfit on him.)

Aunty One of my nannies when I was younger.

Like Family Like Family – Ever since I could remember, this family visits us EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Well… even when mama passed away. πŸ™‚ With my limited cantonese I could piece together the story my grantaunt was relating to the rest that she was the middle person for my Aunt and Uncle…nice…

GamesCousins Unite! After the first batch of visitors, I waited an excruciating maybe 3 hours, before my cousins came! πŸ™‚ We played cards, watched videos…just chilled.

Customary Dinner Sigh…we’re still sitting at the ‘kids’ table. Do we look like kids still???

Cousin Portrait Taking a photo before going off to watch a movie (without the brother).

Yeah..that’s the end of the first day πŸ™‚ It’s always good to see, catch up with family and friends. It feels like only yesterday when I remember running around during CNY, esp when there were tons of ppl in my house. It’s a little quieter lately…guess after mama‘s passing, some of those irritating relatives dont really bother. Oh well *shrug* at least well there are a handful who still make the effort to meet up. More photos click here.


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