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BIG FISH March 22, 2007

There’s a time when a man needs to fight and a time when he needs to accept that his destiny’s lost, the ship has sailed and that only a fool will continue. The truth is I’ve always been a fool.

That was a quote from Big Fish (the movie) by Tim Burton. It’s a dramedy about love, adventure, family ties…. I mean, it’s a MUST-WATCH! hahaha I was crying at the end of the movie, along with the rest of the gals and I’m sure the whole group of them (Charms, Alvina and Sharon) would definitely agree with me that the movie’s good. Anyway that’s not my point in this entry. I wanna talk about another BIG FISH, a restaurant that I patronised last Saturday, after I met up with the gals (CK, AS, JS and GO).

The first time I visited this place was with GO and a client. I was pretty impressed with the fish&chips. Well, it was simple but good, on par with the Oz standards. 🙂

Well…I was tempted to take photos but for some reason I stopped myself. Ulgh…the photo whore not taking photos….sigh… Oh well, but I must recommend the Antipasto…it was SUPERB! It’s a must-eat! 5 simple sides which leave you wanting more! The rest of what we tried (the Mahi Mahi and Halibut were equally good because of the freshness). It was served fine dining style.

Paid quite a hefty sum for it. 120 for two people (but of course…. we ordered 1 antipasto, 1 soup, 2 mains, and 2 desserts)….ulgh… but oh well…it’s a for a very special person for his special day, guess it was worth it.

You should try it. BIG FISH…remember the name.

BIG FISH Seafood Grill
85 Upper East Coast Road
Singapore 455222
Tel: 64416920


2 Responses to “BIG FISH”

  1. […] found a keychain when she was packing her room and when she saw the design, it reminded her of me (because we were talkin about BIG FISH the other day). Awwwww… So sweet. Thanks gal for the keychain […]

  2. […] Fish & Chips ($10 – large portion) – Avril ordered this and we decided to get a bigger portion to try out the fish. This was…normal. I’ve nothing to add about it. I’d rather eat the Fish & Chips at Big Fish along Siglap. […]

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