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No pictures again March 22, 2007

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*Wail* I can’t believe I haven’t actually been bringing my camera around. I guess I’ve been a little too lazy.

I want to recommend two places today.

First is Salma Catering. This place is located in the hearts of the CBD area and it’s one of the greatest Muslim eateries in Singapore. It has good nasi padang AND has one of the best Iced Teas!!!! The Iced Tea is a must try! It’s thick and has just the right sweetness that would definitely top up a satisfying meal. Come on, even JS who HATES drinking milk tea, love this!

Salma Catering Cafe
141 Market Street
#01-00 Singapore 048944
Tel: 6324 0352

The next one’s one of my favourite HK cafes. One of the reasons is because of proximity. Hehehe… I can even crawl back home. More and more HK cafes are sprouting out and well, this cafe is better than alot that I’ve tried (better than the one in Siglap…bleah..that one really sucks). And after eating a sumptious meal, you can even adjourn to eat prawn mee next door! Anyway I went with Psuedo BF for dinner yesterday and we had a great time chatting, catching up. Oh, and one more advantage abour this place is it opens till 5am! Well…go eat for yourself…I’m too lazy to type already…sniff and I have no friggin photos!!!

Hong Kong Cafe Pte Ltd
378 East Coast Road
Singapore 428985
Tel : 6440 3808


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