Can’t be fussed about anything

bo chap is ze middle name

CNY Part 2 March 23, 2007

Aunty Mary and I On the second day of Chinese New Year, I went to visit Terrence and his mum. Pity I only stayed for a short while because I had to go back like after an hour.

Terrence's Dog I love Princess!!! 🙂 It’s Terrence’s dog hahaha

Family Family Portrait.. Mum was complaining I didn’t put on makeup..zzz… can’t be bothered lah.

) We visited Aunty 3 (one of my grandaunts) before a couple of the guys came to my place to gamble heheheheh

Yeah…the rest of CNY was spent playing MJ, cards…can’t really remember what else I did.

GO and II only remember going for the premier of Ugly Betty with GO. HAhahaha…

Class 95's Yasmin And it was disappointing because we thought we could actually meet stars, the only person close to that was Yasmin from Class95. Oh well..*shrug*

for more photos… here…


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